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The BaD Radio Show (short for Bob and Dan) is a midday radio program on Dallas, Texas radio station KTCK, “1310AM, The Ticket”. The show is hosted by Bob Sturm, Dan McDowell, and Donovan Lewis, airing Monday through Friday from 12pm to 3pm. Bob and Dan had their contract come up on 6/23/13 and almost went SG and bailed to 105.3FM, The FAN, but wised up and stayed put because Sportsradio 1310 The Ticket is the best place to be even at a lower salary. Listener and co-host outrage, concern, and pleading contributed to the decision by Bob and Dan to stay with Cumulus Media at 1310AM. Donovan Lewis was notably hosed in the deal as the departure of his 2 co-hosts would have left him in good shape to have his own show or at least co-host one in the vacant slot.

Bob Sturm

Originally from Wisconsin, Bob graduated from Liberty University and started his broadcasting career in Lynchburg, Virginia. He eventually came to Dallas in 1998, where he became the host of The Ticket’s night time show. He is affectionately referred to as “The Sturminator.” Bob is often called a “sports bully” on the show because he constantly intimidates his audience and guests with his encyclopedic sports knowledge, declaring that he’s not “just some dude in the next cubicle over.” Bob also hosts the Dallas Cowboys pre-game show, as well as the Dallas Stars post-game show with Dan McDowell. Bob’s Blog is updated daily.

Dan McDowell

Dan is Bob’s counterpart—a native of Cleveland, Ohio, Dan graduated with a degree in Communications and a minor in Sports Science from Ohio University. McDowell hosted a midday show in Youngstown, Ohio and eventually moved to Dallas, in 1999, to become the host of The Ticket’s midday show. It is well documented in P1 lore that Dan brings the funny, while Bob brings the lunch pail.

Jake Kemp (Producer)

With Gribble’s departure, Jake Kemp moved up the show ladder as the producer. He also hosts the podcast “It’s Just Banter,” with fellow KTCK employee, TC Fleming, as well as “The Shake Joint” with Sean “Sea Bass” Bass. Kemp is perhaps most well-known for his hatred of space and space-related topics.

David Mino (Board Op)

Stuff. And Things.

TC Flemming (Tickers)

TC was the is the originator of the term “Ragonk“, while butchering a ticket ticker one day. He distances himself from the phrase which makes it grow even stronger. Shout out to our friends at He is also half of the It’s Just Banter podcast, alongside his co-host Jake Kemp.




Top Causes of @SportsSturm
1. Sports: facts, facets, and history
2. Detailed Xs and Os, in every sport
3. Full exposition, definitely not into the whole brevity thing
4. Collections, especially of older sports footage
5. Twitter: engagement and the occasional dust up
6. Brett Favre
7. Questions of, when one is asking questions, which sometimes it is necessary to do, and even when it’s not necessary may still be something that you want to do, because perhaps another person may have information or a view point that you want to know more about, and it would help if you got interrogatory, so questions, and actually, good ones, good questions that entail appropriate length
8. For fans, perspective and keeping context, perhaps more important than even knowledge
9. Against fronting retweets with a +1 or THIS etc.
10. Against sporting more than one team’s logos (ever) or an uninvolved team’s logos (at a game)


Top Causes of @bracketdan
1. Cleveland
2. Post-marital freedom, even if only in fantasy
3. Youth softball
4. Video programming of an adult nature
5. THC
6. Work ethic and paying one’s dues with diligence, for all and especially early in one’s career
7. Sometimes audio, sometimes not
8. Having fun here without walking out
9. Receiving exactly what was ordered, e.g. food or coffee etc., especially per #6 above
10. An American can complain even if he/she did not vote, which is totally acceptable


Top Causes shared by @SportsSturm and @bracketdan
1. The P1s; KTCK and all its contributors
2. Great movies and TV as well as terrible movies, especially sportsy ones
3. Multiculturalism and diversity of voices
4. Original songcraft
5. Dirk
6. Romo
7. Exposing racial talk of hidden-in-plain-sight coded messages
8. Released enthusiasm and emotion of broadcasters
9. Humility and blessedness
10. Game shows, contests, bets, and the settling of, often in public
11. Ragonk rulings, sightings
12. Casting an extremely wide net for interesting interviews
13. Aggressizness
14. Internet memes
15. Wanting the ultimate, being willing to pay the ultimate price
16. Unintended media hilarity and a willingness to poke media blowhards
17. Getting Musers fights or tension the recognition they deserve
18. Family
19. Hockey
20. Optimism and recognizing gratitude for elements of each day

*List was created by P1 Joel Bush, who is @joelbush on twitter.